As it has never happened before

I am interested in social processes, more precisely in the relationship between the individual and the collective. How is the átomo (greek for individual) connected to other átomos in order to create a group or even more – a community?

In my artistic research I am working with performative installations and printmaking as well as with plaster. I understand plaster as a material of high potential, that should not be restricted to its sculptural value, but to be respetcted in its process-related qualities. For example: The plaster powder can have a distinctive graphic expression by itself. And the use of water on the hardened plaster has a huge impact on its chromaticity as well as on its materiality.

I am working on the deconstruction of the well-known surface of the chosen material to broaden the perspective on my topic in a parallel manner. My contribution to the exhibition will consist of a presentation of a small series of works with plaster that visualize aspects of collective development.

Athens, 10th January 2019

Containing Surfaces
International group exhibition
meme art gallery, athens
Jan 31 – Feb 03, 2019

Fotos: Saulė Miežytė